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      Go Green With Greenacre

      At Greenacre we are proud to represent Honda and offer an expanding range of Hybrid and Electric cars.

      Better to drive, better for the environment and better for your pocket, contact us today to see how we can save you money.

      Read on below to find out more about Hybrid and Electric technology and visit our dedicated pages for each car.

      Honda Hybrid Technology


      Honda Hybrid performance

      The Honda i-MMD Hybrid powertrain delivers a strong immediate response through two electric motors; it’s an exhilarating drive. But it’s not all about that electronic torque, because our hybrid vehicles give you the best of both worlds. This type of intelligent drive technology will automatically switch seamlessly between electric power at lower speeds and petrol-power at higher cruising speeds, when it’s most efficient to do so.


      The NSX’s Direct Drive Motor units are part of the most technologically advanced road car engine we’ve ever built.

      Going lower

      A Hybrid will cut your fuel bills, saving you money. Using less fuel also means low emissions – much better for your wallet and the environment.

      Peace of mind

      You’ll have no worries for five years or over a distance of 100,000km – whichever comes first – because the Honda i-MMD battery is totally covered by an extensive and comprehensive warranty; we’ll be with you all the way.

      No need to plug in

      The great thing about the Hybrid is that you don’t need to look for a charging station or have a special plug socket installed at home. The engine will continually charge the battery while it’s running – all you have to do is fill up with petrol as you normally would. It really is that simple.

      Smooth and quiet

      The experience of driving a Honda Hybrid is unique – there’s nothing quite like the calm and serene feeling of gently pulling away in the electric mode. Then, when the petrol engine comes to life, the transition is so quiet and smooth, you’ll wonder if the engine has actually started.


      It thinks for itself.

      How Hybrid works in Electric Drive

      In Electric Drive, the propulsion motor draws its power solely from the batteries, delivering super-quiet and low-emissions driving.

      How Hybrid Drive works

      In Hybrid Drive, the petrol engine supplies power to the electric generator motor, which in turn delivers power to the electric propulsion motor, so that any excess power from the petrol engine is diverted back through the generator motor to recharge the batteries.


      The i-MMD (intelligent Multi Mode Drive) system determines how to use fuel and electrical energy in the most efficient way, which means there’s no requirement for the driver to adjust between the three driving modes; Electric Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive.

      How Hybrid works in Engine Drive

      In Engine Drive, the wheels driven by the petrol engine, with an ‘on-demand’ peak-power ‘boost’ available from the electric motor when you need to make a quick overtaking manoeuvre.

      New regulations have already affected the cost of driving and they will continue to do so in future. The time for Hybrid power is now, and they’ll become even more popular as time goes on because hybrid cars deliver dramatically higher fuel efficiency with lower CO2 emissions than traditional petrol-powered vehicles. Quite simply, Hybrids are here to stay and, in the long run, great money-savers too.

      100% Electric

      Electricity provides the perfect energy for city driving, it’s clean, efficient and produces dynamic performance with zero emissions. The new Honda e Electric has been designed to be electric from the ground up, so no compromise has had to be made with its dynamics and handling. Power comes from a compact 35.5kWh lithium-ion battery, which drives the rear wheels via an electric powertrain, exclusively developed for the Honda e Electric. Fully charged, it has a range of up to 137 miles*, which is more than enough to do all the things you love to do in and around town. Performance and range are constantly maximised, thanks to a clever system that keeps the batteries at their optimum working temperature.