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      We Make Financing Your Honda Easy

      Honda Financial Services is part of the Honda Motor Company. Our sole purpose is to provide simple, flexible and convenient finance to Honda customers for their Honda products.

      With monthly car finance payments available, there's every chance you could be choosing a higher grade model than you imagined. When it comes to buying your car, we want you to have a choice of your favourite model AND how to pay for it.

      Read more about our options and watch the accompanied videos below.

      Personal Contract Purchase

      Choose your desired vehicle, along with a deposit, the length of the agreement and a maximum mileage. At the end of the period you have the option to buy the car outright for an agreed amount, known as the GMFV (Guaranteed Minimum Future Value), or return the vehicle back to the lender (within agreed fair wear and tear limits) with absolutely no further obligation.

      Benefits Of Personal Contract Purchase

      • Opportunity to drive a new Honda more often
      • Flexible deposit
      • Distinctive and iconic design
      • Flexible repayment terms
      • Usually a lower repayment, compared to a HP agreement with the same term
      • Fixed rates
      • Protection against depreciation of used car prices, with the assurance of GMFV
      • The options to renew, return, or own the vehicle at the end of the agreement
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      The Options

      At the end of the agreement you may choose from the three following options:

      Option 1 - Renew your vehicle and drive away in a brand new Honda. Use any excess value over the GMFV as deposit on your new vehicle.

      Option 2 - Return the car. Providing the vehicle does not exceed agreed fair wear and tear limits and has not exceeded the agreed mileage, you having nothing more to pay.

      Option 3 - Retain your vehicle. Pay the GMFV and you own the vehicle.

      Hire Purchase (Hp)

      This is the traditional package which involves taking the total cost of your chosen vehicle, deducting a deposit amount, and then choosing the length of the agreement. Interest is added, and monthly instalments are calculated. Assuming all payments are met, at the end of the agreement, the vehicle is yours.

      Benefits Of Hire Purchase

      • Flexible deposit
      • Regular and flexible repayment terms from 12 to 60 months
      • Fixed rates
      • You own the vehicle at the end of the agreement
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      Business Contract Hire

      For businesses that prefer to hire vehicles rather than own them outright, Honda Contract Hire offers tailored monthly rentals for easy budgeting. Agree your contract term and mileage to suit your business needs and at the end of the agreement simply hand the car back.

      Benefits Of Honda Contract Hire

      • Low initial outlay and fixed rental amounts for easy budgeting and cash flow management
      • Optional maintenance packages
      • Flexibility to change your contract term and mileage should your circumstances change
      • No concerns over the residual value or disposal of your car at the end of contract
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      Honda GAP Insurance

      What is guaranteed asset protection [GAP] insurance?

      If an incident occurs resulting in your vehicle being written off due to accident, fire, theft or an adverse weather condition such as flooding, then the settlement amount you receive from your motor insurer could be significantly less than the outstanding balance of the original purchase price. The market value of your car at the time of the incident is used by most motor insurance companies to determine the total loss payment. Any depreciation in the vehicle value would potentially be a loss incurred by you. You could be left without a car plus the burden of settling any outstanding finance.

      GAP Insurance is particularly helpful if you...

      • Would like any depreciation covered in the event of a total loss to enable you to replace the vehicle to the original purchase price you paid.
      • Need to settle any outstanding finance that may be more than the motor insurer's settlement at the time your vehicle is written off as a total loss.
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