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CR-V Hybrid

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New CR-V Hybrid

The CR-V in Engine Drive
Engine drive occurs during sustained, higher-speed cruising when the petrol engine is powering the car.


Responsive, smooth, efficient. These are three of the benefits you'll discover in the all-new CR-V Hybrid. Its intelligent, highly advanced hybrid powertrain provides a seamless and engaging driving experience on any journey.


Through advanced technology, the world’s most popular SUV delivers sporty
performance and low emissions.


Another milestone for the Honda CR-V.

i-MMD (intelligent Multi-Mode Drive) technology delivers exceptional performance alongside outstanding efficiency. Its aerodynamic lines, created around a totally new chassis, make this 5th generation CR-V a real driver's SUV. Once inside you’ll enjoy a luxurious, sophisticated interior displaying the latest in driver aids and infotainment alongside the comfort, space and versatility that CR-V is famous for.


Add that personal touch.

There are many ways to make your CR-V Hybrid a bit more 'you'. Either choose from the wide range of individual items or select a purpose-designed accessory pack. You’ll be able to give your car personal touches that’ll really make it yours.


The new CR-V with Honda Hybrid Performance is aerodynamically shaped from headlight to tail light. It’s a beautifully refined and modern SUV with an advanced drive.


The Honda CR-V Hybrid blends a sophisticated and sporty exterior,
with a premium-quality interior.


When you open the door you are greeted by pure luxury.

Once inside, you’ll soon experience CR-V's unique space and comfort. All you'll want to do is quietly slip away and enjoy the drive.

Close to hand

You can easily scroll through the Driver Information Interface using the steering wheel mounted thumb pad, or via voice activation, to choose from a variety of features including: SMS and email display, audio information, phone contacts and even smart vehicle maintenance information.

Sweeping across the width of the cabin is a beautifully stitched soft-touch panel.


Driving a hybrid never felt, or looked so good.

The fifth-generation Honda CR-V has a distinctive shape; a sleek simplicity that is designed to be both stylish and functional. This design includes controlling the airflow under the body, which improves fuel efficiency, minimises drag and lowers noise levels­. Function aside, the overall effect means the Honda CR-V Hybrid exudes presence wherever it goes.

Hands-free tailgate*

The rear power tailgate can be programmed to stop at the height you wish. Ideal if you have to open it in a hurry in a carpark or garage with a low ceiling height. You can also open it when your hands are full, by simply waving your foot under the rear bumper – nice and easy.

* Only available on EX grade


This sharp, sporty looking SUV is all set to go from any angle, inside and out.

A wider view
Sweeping across the width of the cabin, is a beautifully stitched, soft-touch panel. Elegance,
as well as comfort, is high on the agenda with the CR-V Hybrid.


Honda CONNECT is an infotainment system that puts the things you love, like your music and your friends, close to hand.

Using Bluetooth® or USB, you can access information and playlists on your smartphone. You can also transfer your phone’s interface – via Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ – to the 7” touchscreen to access apps allowing you to make calls, plus sending and receiving messages.

More connections

The pre-installed internet-based AHA™ audio player also lets you connect to your favourite music stations, podcasts and news services.

Using the 7” touchscreen, everything you need to stay connected is within easy reach


Twenty years of experience developing hybrids has gone into creating our all-new CR-V Hybrid. With an intelligent hybrid powertrain, this all-new CR-V not only looks good, it delivers a really rewarding drive.

Engineered for an effortless drive

Honda Hybrid Performance in the new CR-V.


The CR-V Hybrid selects the optimum mode to always provide a responsive, efficient drive.

It has an Atkinson-type, 2.0-litre petrol engine and two electric motors – one electric propulsion motor and one electric generator motor enabling it to perform in petrol, electric or hybrid modes. The CR-V, rather than using a conventional transmission, is built with a single fixed-gear ratio giving the driver a seamless flow of power and confidence – it is the hybrid you can feel.


The intelligent Multi-Mode Drive always delivers high performance and efficiency.

i-MMD technology ensures the car always uses its energy in the most efficient way. This means CR-V Hybrid seamlessly alternates between its three power modes: Electric Drive, Hybrid Drive or Engine Drive. When setting off in Electric Drive the car emits an acoustic alert - it is that quiet - and under certain driving conditions, if you wish, you can manually extend the Electric Drive period by pressing the fascia-mounted EV Mode button. If a greater dynamic feel is desired, the Sport Mode provides a more engaged driving experience.

The 2.0 litre Atkinson Cycle petrol engine works with two electric motors – one propulsion and one generator motor – controlled by its intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) system.


Enjoy the drive, while the Honda CR-V selects the most dynamic and efficient way to take you to your destination.

It's an innovative system that allows the petrol engine to operate within its optimal power range as often as possible. Combined with ECON mode, the result is an extremely fuel-efficient vehicle.

At certain times, the CR-V will use two motors and a petrol engine to achieve best performance – a triple boost – while maintaining the most fuel-efficient drive.


Honda SENSING is a suite of advanced features designed to keep you and your passengers safe.

Collision Mitigation Braking System

If there is a possibility of a collision with a vehicle or a pedestrian this feature will alert you to the danger as well as reducing your speed to help minimise the severity of any impact.

Lane Departure Warning

If the car moves out of its lane without indicating, alerts will flash and sound to help bring the drift to your attention.

Road Departure Mitigation

A windscreen mounted camera detects whether the car is veering off the road and uses the Electric Power Steering to apply subtle corrections to keep your vehicle in its lane. In certain conditions, it can also apply the brakes.

Lane Keeping Assist System

This helps keep you in the middle of your lane, providing a less stressful driving experience by reducing the need for steering correction movements and driving effort on the motorway.

Traffic Sign Recognition

The Traffic Sign Recognition System identifies traffic signs and relays this information to you via a visual display. Two signs can be displayed at any one time.Intelligent Speed Limiter

Intelligent Speed Limiter

Cleverly combines the existing adjustable speed limiter function with the Traffic Sign Recognition system to automatically set the speed limit to that which the Traffic Sign Recognition system detects.

intelligent - Adaptive Cruise Control

This feature detects if a vehicle in a neighbouring lane intends to cut in front of you and adjusts will adjust your speed in advance. It also helps you maintain the distance between you and the car in front, so you don’t have to manually change your speed.

How does a hybrid car battery work?

The hybrid car has two motors, one of which is a conventional petrol or diesel engine and the other electric. The hybrid car battery is powered by the engine and kinetic energy which is recycled when the car is in motion, particularly when applying the brakes and coming to a stop. The battery of a hybrid car is therefore self-charging and is able to supply the electric motor with power when pulling away from a stop.

At low speeds, a hybrid car can use the electric motor only, making the hybrid car particularly suitable for driving in urban areas. Despite the fact that hybrid car batteries are able to charge themselves, plug-in hybrid cars also provide the option of charging at a hybrid car charging station. That’s because plug-in hybrids are able to run on electricity longer than standard hybrid cars, often with a range of 20 to 40 miles.

CR-V S i-MMD eCVT Hybrid


CR-V SE i-MMD eCVT Hybrid


CR-V SE i-MMD eCVT Hybrid


R-V SR i-MMD eCVT Hybrid


CR-V SR i-MMD eCVT Hybrid


CR-V EX i-MMD eCVT Hybrid


Key features

  • Honda Sensing Advanced Safety
  • E-Call & Emergency Stop Signal
  • ECON Mode
  • LED Head/ Tail Lights
  • HONDA Connect™ Infotainment System With Garmin Navigation
  • Reverse Tilt Door Mirror
  • Dual Zone Auto A/C
  • Auto Dim Rear View Mirror
  • Blind Spot Information Incl. Cross Traffic Monitor
  • Windscreen wiper de-icer
  • Privacy glass
  • Leather Upholstery
  • Opening Glass Roof
  • Power tailgate with programmable height
  • Heated steering wheel & rear seats
  • Head up Display