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      We are Always There for You

      As a Honda owner you automatically become eligible for Honda Accident Assistance. We just want you to know that we are there whenever you require our help.

      Fully inclusive and includes the visual inspection of:

      • Battery strength and condition
      • Operation of lights
      • Operation of washers and wiper
      • Exhaust system
      • Engine antifreeze and cooling system
      • Tyre condition, tread depths and pressures
      • Engine drive belts (excluding camshaft drive belt)
      • Front and rear wheels removed and brakes inspected (visually)
      • Brake lines and pipes (visually)
      Autumn Winter £45.00

      Need an MOT?

      Autumn Winter only £25.00 when booked within an MOT.

      We'll match the price of any car service, repairs, tyres or MOT.

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