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      Here at Greenacre Honda, we offer a high-level valeting service to ensure that your vehicle is cleaned thoroughly and safely.

      Your vehicle’s exterior is constantly under attack from road grime and tar, tree sap, bird droppings and much more. Keeping your car’s exterior clean can maximise its resale value, making it easier to sell or part exchange.

      Cleaning your car regularly provides an opportunity to give your car a thorough check over to assess any chipped paintwork or small areas of corrosion. If spotted early, any problems can be resolved before they become serious.


      • Full interior extraction and vacuum detail including boot area.
      • All interior components cleaned for a natural look - including dash, doors, steering wheel, gear stick etc.
      • All interior windows cleaned using Autoglym glass polish.
      • Deodorise applied to eliminate any interior odours.


      • Full back and front face wheel clean using Autoglym acid free wheel cleaner. Arches, and tyres cleaned.
      • Autoglym Traffic Film Remover applied before a hot pre wash using Autoglym shampoo in preparation for intricate clean using soft detailing brushes for gaps and edges. Mitts used with grit guard method.
      • Car dried using chamois leather.
      • Autoglym tyres dressing applied.
      • Arches and plastics coated to achieve that new car appearance Autoglym bumper / trim gel.
      • All door shuts are cleaned.
      • Exterior windows cleaned using Autoglym glass polish.
      • Wax and polished using radiant wax polish through Autoglym.

      All for £65 £49!

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