winter is comming winter is comming

Winter Check

Don’t Get Caught Cold

With winter approaching make sure you are prepared for all driving conditions.Bring your car into Greenacre for a comprehensive Winter Check for only £45. Need an MOT? Get a winter check for £25 when completed at the same appointment.

Fully inclusive and includes the visual inspection of:

  • Battery strength and condition
  • Operation of lights
  • Operation of washers and wiper
  • Exhaust system
  • Engine antifreeze and cooling system
  • Tyre condition, tread depths and pressures
  • Engine drive belts (excluding camshaft drive belt)
  • Front and rear wheels removed and brakes inspected (visually)
  • Brake lines and pipes (visually)
Winter Check £45.00

Need an MOT?

Autumn/Winter Check only £25.00 when booked with an MOT.

That’s the Greenacre Price Promise

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