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      0-3 Years Servicing

      Even when your car is new, it’s still a good idea to get a regular health check. A scheduled service depending on the age of your car will have everything you need to make sure your car stays in tip-top condition and maintain your warranty.

      0-3 YEARS OLD

      1st year Service
      All Honda models - £260
      12,500 miles/12 months
      SvRS Event - AB
      Replace engine oil and filter, Inspect front and rear brakes (% wear), Check and adjust parking brake, Check lights and alignment, Check all fluid levels, Carry out visual check of: - tie-rods - steering & driveshaft boots - suspension components - brake hose and lines (including ABS) - exhaust system - fuel lines - vehicle corrosion, Check tyre condition - pressure & wear (report mm), Check expiration date for TRK, Test drive (noise, stability, dashboard operation), Check battery and record result, Check wipers
      2nd year Service
      All Honda models - £330*
      25,000 miles/24 months
      SvRS Event - AB2,(AB23, CVT models*)
      Everything included in your 1st year service plus: Replace dust and pollen filter, Inspect drive belt, Replace transmission fluid (CVT models only)*
      Replace transmission fluid, (CVT models only at additional £93)*
      3rd year Service
      All Honda models - £310**
      37,500 miles/36 months
      SvRS Event - AB78 (AB478 Diesel models only**)
      Everything included in your 1st year service plus: Replace brake fluid, Replace air filter element. Replace fuel filter, (Diesel models only at additional £216)**
      Prices in the above table are national recommended prices available at participating dealers only.
      * £96 additional charge for CVT.
      **£125 for Type R Valve Clearance and £126 for Diesel Fuel Filter