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Davanti tyres are the most popular tyre brand we sell and has been for a number of years. We have so much confidence in them even our staff fit them on their own cars and always recommend them to their family and friends too. If you haven’t heard of Davanti, you’re probably not a fan of Everton Football Club, as Davanti are one of their main sponsors, and you will see many advertisements around their stadium.

Davanti tyres are positioned as a “mid-range” tyre within the tyre world, but their fantastic “fuel efficiency”, “wet grip” and “dB noise” ratings make them comparable if not favourable against a lot of the “premium tyres” out there. Davanti tyres make great value for money, given their low price and great ratings, it makes sense to always fit Davanti.

Davanti tyres are tested across the world in various weather conditions, so you can be fully confident and rely on Davanti tyres to stop you whatever the weather.

We purchase Davanti tyres direct from the manufacturers so this always ensures we can always offer you a great price.

However, if you do prefer a “premium” brand tyre such as Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, etc, you can be sure we will quote a competitive price for them too.