What Are The Benefits Of Winter Tyres?

Braking tests are the ultimate way to prove the added value of winter tyres. Tests show that the stopping distance with winter tyres is up to 30% shorter than with standard tyres. This reduced stopping distance could save lives.

They also reduce the risk of damage and therefore reduce the risk of further cost. Plus, your standard tyres will last longer by not being driven in harsh weather conditions – making winter tyres excellent value for money.

Why Take Risks With The Wrong Tyres?

When the temperature drops and the roads begin to ice, standard tyres are simply not optimised for the conditions. Driving with ordinary tyres in cold and wet weather means your overall traction is reduced and could even result in poor performance, higher fuel consumption, increased noise and potentially leave you stranded. Using the right tyres in the right circumstances gives you peace of mind and makes each journey that little bit safer.

Specially Constructed Tyres

Our Winter Tyres are constructed from specially formulated compounds that stay softer in low temperatures, allowing more road grip. This, combined with a grip-inducing tread pattern, helps result in improved performance during the cold, wet and hazardous conditions.